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The educational platform where kids aged 5-17 explore essential concepts about how the modern world works and unlock an inner potential that schools largely ignore
We help kids understand what Artificial Intelligence (AI) is and to channel the natural creativity of childhood into real projects
What Artificial Intelligence AI is
Machine learning
Symbolick learning
Statistical learning
Deep learning
Neural Network
From R2-D2 in Star Wars to Transformers, AI has fascinated children for generations. Now AI is more pervasive than ever, and will impact many parts of our lives. Join our small group sessions to explore the amazing world of AI!
Your child will learn through a game-based and real-project curriculum. The games lead to difficult decisions that require intense collaboration between students.
Artificial Intelligence
for Kids
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This course is for children who are looking to enter the IT sphere. With the help of AI, students will be able to develop not only their logical thinking but also their creative abilities. During the course, the children will realize various projects and work individually.
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The Basics of AI
Machine Learning‍
Supervised Learning
Module 1
Module 2
Module 3
Module 4
Module 5
Datasets and Regression
Module 6
Decision Trees
Module 7
Roguelike Game
Module 8
Work on Projects
Module 9
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Now accepting groups of students ages 5–7, 8–12, and 13–17
How does the Creators platform work?
Kids connect to the platform and get acquainted with the teacher and classmates
At each lesson, kids learn a new topic, consolidate their knowledge through practice, and then do their assignment
Mid-course, each child decides on the topic of his or her own project and begins to work on it
Children publish their projects online and present it at the course graduation
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